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Building better MVP

Been talking to a lot of early stage folks, and I have noticed some patterns, that I think you should avoid when you are trying to build a product first company.

You are subject matter expert on a field, doesnt necessarily mean you are an expert at understanding the behaviour & motivation of your users, understand this before you build. You maybe a user of your product, but all of us have biases, so please talk to folks to whom your product could be useful , but they are tangentially different from you. When you think about users, know that research/patterns exist for a reason, dont build something overly new - in terms of designs, flows & usage. If you really want to introduce one small change at a time. Dont try to achieve a LOT in the first months of launching only.

People think about launches very differently.

  1. Build in public
  2. Waitilist
  3. Founder led hype

    You can do all or none, however product needs marketing, because even a good product needs to be FOUND. And account for it, dont dismiss it.

Get your team in place. Do not think that you will have time to fix tech debt & build a bad system (unless ofc you are not a tech heavy product, then ignore this) Always build efficiently even at MVP stage people expect products to work as intended.

Published 10 Mar 2021

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