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Case Study template - For Product Managers

I didnt find a good enough template when people asked me for one. If you have used an amazing one, I would love to add to this list. Please send it to me :)

What is here? This is a completely made up document, I have never interviewed with Stirpe. I just used this as a fictional example. Most case studies ask you to solve a problem, So is it different from the PRD? Yes & No. No because it only asks you What & Why not really the How. Yes because it is in some sense 3/4th a PRD, It just is not as elaborate!

The example case study question & answer linked here

Couple of points to remember

  1. You dont need high level mocks, it can be paper & pen too.
  2. I just did Figma, because I am learning.
  3. You dont have to write all your thoughts if you do a presentation version of this. Leave some explanation, since you will have to present the case at some point.
  4. Be as detail oriented as possible, however dont add random references, since noone is reading that much content.
  5. Understand what the role requires from you, If it is a technical position add system design, if it is skewed to growth add GTM. Basically no two assignments should look the same, adjust according to the job & the nature of the company.
  6. On day 1 of launch you will not look at 100s of metrics, so really look for primary & secondary( if need be) things you will watch out for & add them.
Published 25 Jan 2021

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