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Growth hacks your startup should consider

Not my favourite because of my own ethical view of the world, but a here is one - “Faking it”. Showing increased supply ( Like lyft/uber) by paying initial drivers a LOT of money so the users could see how easy it was to book.

The community way - Many people just build a community or hope to build one while not thinking of their product as the core. I think best way to grow via community is making sure your core experience is at the center of it. Like @beondeck @StackOverflow

The exclusivity hack.I think @Superhuman @joinClubhouse executed this very well.But do you remember this niche social networking site Ello,that got this wrong? While it was exclusive, it was not brag-worthy. Remember not EVERY product can be exclusive,it has to feel premium!

I dont like this one a lot either - but works. The “be like your competition hack” Advertise like them, or on top of their SEO. I dont want to link here, but any Google search ads can show you this.

You need to be a more established company, but a neat trick is integration hack. Which is ideally giving developers/partners an easier way to do something via you for no added cost. Social logins is a great example of this.

Building in public hack - Tell everyone what is up, buy into your story & they will follow and watch along, simply because they dont see it as often. @LambdaSchool @Baremetrics @buffer Do/did this so well, that they are always top of everyones mind.

Referral hack - Ah requires a whole other post. But primarily, dont give money out for referral, if you are a product that can offer/extend your services as an added incentive to get folks to refer, do that.

NPS hack - Unless users rate you 4/5 or above, dont take them to the playstore/app store rating section. Internalise that feedback and work on it. So your rating doesnt drop a lot.

Not hacky but still useful: Use more photos from your target segment, not random ones on your web/app. Make them warm! Have fewer steps, lesser words - ALWAYS Build “charms” that users want -could be stickers, socks, tshirts, instagram filters. Wtv will get you more visibility

What other hacks, growth things have you seen or worked on that were super fun?

Published 19 Apr 2021

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