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Hey Vin, should I move to Europe?

My best/not so best parts of living in Europe. It’s only been few months but here’s my reflection of it and for people considering it, some thoughts:

Come as you are: I love that I wore a dress that I wanted and I didn’t have to overthink about it. Noone cares. It was very new, freeing that I wasn’t scared. Small things matter to me if you can’t tell already.

A clear demarcation: I think this you’ve to truly experience. There’s a work time and no work time. Atleast in Germany noone even drills holes on Sundays, so it’s imbibed in grassroots to do work when needed only. No bringing work with you always. Though I think I miss that bit, where people are more engaged and think decades ahead, and here they live days as is. I don’t know if I’m accustomed to it yet.

On your own : It’s very individualistic. I think I miss the camaraderie that comes with living in India. You assume help/brotherhood if you’ve known someone long enough. Here, I’ve not experienced it. The good part about it though, is that there are no expectations from you to do something either. Noone is mad you missed a dinner party or didn’t see them off at the airport. I don’t know if I’m ready to be that removed from everything though? 🤷

Slow technology: I know many people think that Eu tech scene is a bit behind. It’s more than a bit I would say. It feels like India in 2013, but it also means SO MUCH POTENTIAL. People are often surprised when something is delivered to them! I’m all like “Dunzo” look them up 🤣

But, If you were young and thought well what if I was old enough in 2010 to begin great companies in India? Where would I be? Don’t doubt, just come build here and find out. Same companies, different locations. Germany also has a lot of paperwork. They emailed me a letter to sign and send back. I cringed and cried all in that minute. I’ve received more official paperwork than ever in my life!!

Outdoor adventures:!? I think since it has so much space and lesser people for example the place I stay has 1.6l people (I laughed at this being crowded for some) they do so much more things outs. Meeting a friend? Hike. Oh free on Saturday? hike. Oh wow snowing? HIKE. 😌

I felt guilty I didn’t have the hike enthusiasm in the beginning to do it for like 8 hours. But then I was like, well I’m just an internet kid and things were different in blr, so I just pacified myself. But guess who is hiking this Sunday? 🤭🤭🤭 (Pls save me)

Money: Ah the question that floods my Dm. Do you make more in Eu? Honestly I think LinkedIn salaries are true to Eu than India. In India it’s all a who you know game? Some ppl get 3cr some 30l. Same job. In Eu it’s subsidized. So you choose who you know.If you know noone and want it to be that way and hate networking? Just move here. Everyone makes similarish salaries at similar levels. So that is done. It also means you get taxed similar but you also have same benefits.

So a win maybe? I think people that spend time outside if they move back, they get paid well enough to live a very rich life in the startup ecosystem.

In Eu, you’re just another person. No real class divide. So ya pick what’s important to you. I see EU’s digitization efforts going crazy well in the next twenty years or so. You will get to work on crazy startup ideas/teams if you want to here while tc of yourself. Move if that makes sense to you.

Another question I often get is, how did I move?

I moved on a spousal Visa, I was fortunate Pexels made a bet on me & I work there now :) But I know a lot of people who moved after getting a “Job seeker visa” or applying from India, EU’s immigration laws are very straight forward-ish. So try that way :)

Last question I want to answer , Why EU when India pays similar salaries and you can remain home?

I think pay is very well only in the top startups in India. I know a lot of folks with more experience that dont get paid well. So it could be that. For me, like I said I really just followed my spouse & it hasnt been a year yet. Ask me in 5, maybe I will have an answer :)

Published 21 May 2021

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