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Product Managers are not CEOs and other rants

Often times come across PMs that have this air about them, from knowing too much.

“Hey, what is the CAC to LTV here, do you think this churn is acceptable? ”

They translate this into all meetings they have -

To designers - “Do you think this will increase my CTA, because only then this cohort retention will net increase by 5%”

To engineers - “I dont think this will move our p-value, so maybe do it this way”

p-value a statistical term even they don’t fully get. To customer success - ” I think this ASO technique will work on appstore, if you respond like this & tie to back to brand language and ofcourse increase NPS. ”

The thing is EVERY seat at the table knows things you don’t. Infact, you probably know the least. The fact that, you’d read 10 articles and act like you are better than other functions is certainly a way to stunt growth. So: \1. Talk less gibberish \2. If you understand it well enough, you can say it simple \3. Medium articles are NOT THE FULL JOB. \4. Noone likes a know-it-all, who infact doesn’t know. \5. You are not the CEO, please STOP THINKING THIS.

Published 17 Apr 2021

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