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Why I dont use titles at startups

Thought about something again today. I really get icky when someone adds their title in the first conversation I have with them. In any coverage I get it always says Product at x unless someone adds something to it. Here’s why I do it, especially with someone @OnThatJob

It helps us feel that we are solving a problem together. It’s no longer a senior junior relationship. It’s a problem against us. It helps them talk to me like they would to any one else about things that’s truly wrong and not worry about what the structure is here. When I’m in meetings I think titles are all blown up anyway and keeping in check who is who doesn’t add much value to the whole conversation. I also read this somewhere (unsure of the source) that if you’ve to repeatedly quote something about yourself maybe you didn’t achieve a lot. I think about it often and try to keep myself in check. When I wanted to jump to product, every PM I knew made it seem impossible and sort of elitist. Glad that is changing but I never want to forget where I began and I want to help as many people reach there

I actually don’t know if it’s the right approach or not but thought I’ll share it anyway 😊

P.s: my LinkedIn also just says product and the only reason I will change it is if someone refuses to talk/acknowledge my messages because you know 😅 so don’t hold it against me then.

Published 20 May 2021

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