About me

Hi, Welcome to my internet home :) Here you will find a little snippet of my nerdy self!

If you landed here without knowing me at all, here is a little something.

I worked as a software developer for a while at ITC, where I did semi-cool stuff for various iOS apps. I quickly realised, I was intrigued by other parts of the business than engineering. So I made the switch and became what everyone that cannot be an amazing engineer becomes - An okayish product manager.

I have worked on Next Billion Users, built for India, worked in consumer high growth teams, in SaaS products that focussed on India & products that dabbled outside India too. I have dabbled in ASO, growth, user testing, preparing go-to-market strategies, elaborate content strategies and customer relations.

I love plotting graphs and knowing what the users were trying to achieve, but I also love talking to the real users. So while I can be rigid about data, I am also BIG on communication. I think this is exactly why I am extremely cross-functional, collaborative & voice of the customer! I am constantly looking to learn, so I always try & read a little & write sporadically. I also love analysing other apps and won an internet award to brag about it.

If you read this long, maybe you can will enjoy reading more of my gibberish on Twitter or connect with me on Linkedin.